The 4nd International Conference on Medical and Health Sciences (ICMEDH)

“Advancing Health and Medicine: Innovations, Integration, and Impact”


The field of health and medicine is continuously evolving, driven by innovations in research, technology, and healthcare delivery. This conference aims to explore cutting-edge advancements, promote interdisciplinary collaboration, and assess the real-world impact of these developments on individual and population health.

The International Conference of Medicine and Health (ICMEDH) is the first international conference organized by the Faculty of Medicine and Faculty of Health Science, University of Muhammadiyah Malang. ICMEDH is a part of the international conference series held by Lembaga Pengembangan Publikasi Ilmiah (Institute of Scientific Publication Development) UMM. The theme of our 4th ICMEDH 2024 is “Advancing Health and Medicine: Innovations, Integration, and Impact”. The conference aims are a means for researchers, academia, professionals, and stakeholders to share information that can be used as input to solve the current health issues or problems. It also works as a means for researchers to publish their findings and opens up great opportunities to build collaborative networks between national and international scientists. The conference seeks to provide a forum for information sharing among researchers, academics, professionals, and stakeholders in order to address contemporary health issues and difficulties. It also serves as a channel for researchers to disseminate their research and creates excellent chances for the development of cooperative networks amongst experts in different countries.

Main Theme
"The Main Theme of the conference is: Advancing Health and Medicine: Innovations, Integrations, and Impact. "

Sub Theme
The Sub-theme are related but not limited to the following
  1. Precision Medicine and Personalized Healthcare: Discussing breakthroughs in genomics, biomarker discovery, and targeted therapies that enable personalized treatment approaches tailored to individual patient characteristics.
  1. Digital Health, Telemedicine, and Telenursing: Exploring the role of digital technologies, telehealth platforms, and artificial intelligence in improving access to healthcare, remote patient monitoring, and enhancing clinical decision-making.
  1. Emerging Infectious Diseases and Pandemic Preparedness: Addressing the global challenges posed by emerging pathogens, such as viruses and drug-resistant bacteria, and discussing strategies for pandemic preparedness, rapid response, and vaccine development.
  1. Medical Innovations and Therapeutic Advances: Showcasing novel medical devices, surgical techniques, pharmaceuticals, health intervention, and regenerative medicine solutions that are transforming patient care and outcomes across various medical specialties.
  1. Health Equity and Social Determinants of Health: Examining disparities in healthcare access, outcomes, and quality based on social determinants such as race, socioeconomic status, geographic location, and advocating for policies and interventions to promote health equity.
  1. Mental Health and Well-being: Recognizing the importance of mental health awareness, prevention, and treatment, and exploring integrative approaches that combine psychological, pharmacological, and social interventions.
  1. Global Collaboration in Research: Promoting international collaboration, data sharing, and research partnerships to address global health challenges, accelerate scientific discoveries, and improve healthcare delivery worldwide.
  1. Education and Professional Development: Discussing innovative approaches to education, training, and continuous professional development for healthcare professionals to enhance clinical skills, cultural competence, and ethical decision-making.
  1. Evidence-based in nursing and nurses' specialist field: Maternal, neonatal nursing, Psychiatric nursing, Management in nursing, Critical care nursing, Gerontology Nursing, Community health nursing, Pediatric nursing, Adult nursing, Medical-surgical nursing, Emergency care nursing.
  1. Physiotherapy services for people in the community and physiotherapy in neurology, pediatric, geriatric, cardiorespiratory, sports, and musculoskeletal condition.
  1. Medicines and vaccines in community pharmacy, herbals and supplements developments for immunity enhancements, pharmaceutical science research, and pharmacy education.

Important Dates

1st call paper
Abstract submission Due
June 4th , 2024
Abstract Acceptance Notification
June 15th , 2024
Paper submission Due
June 30th , 2024
Paper acceptance Notification
July 07th , 2024
Registration and Camera-Ready Paper Due
July 20th , 2024
Conference day
Sept 24th – 25th  , 2024


Countdown Until ICMedH Conference Day